We turn complex privacy concepts and regulation into concrete requirements, then help you execute.

Helping you to understand your current privacy program, prioritize  risks, and get a plan in place.

Assisting building and maturing your program and capabilities, driving consistent implementation across your business.

Operating services to deliver sustained and increasing privacy value over time.

Industry leading professionals help you understand, define and execute the perfect privacy program for your organization.


Executive Guidance and Strategy

Drive comprehensive privacy strategy from the top down in your organization to address the challenges of GDPR, CCPA and oncoming regulation across your business. Our team can bring C-level experts to connect your privacy program to broader organizational goals and inspire a culture of security and privacy.


Hands-on Planning and Execution

Deploy our comprehensive, proven model for successful privacy programs and compliance success. Bringing a combination of tools and people to bear, we will help your company build a top-to-bottom privacy organization or take an existing program and supercharge it to success.


Integration, Visibility and Automation

Modern privacy demands often outstrip the capability of companies to direct resources to activities necessary for compliance and ultimate success. Our growing Sentinel Platform unifies the expert people at Sentinel with world-class technology to streamline operations, reduce risk and achieve more.

Privacy laws and customer expectations, demand companies are thoughtful about their collection and usage of personal information.  Continued compliance with modern privacy laws requires complex technical solutions.  

The privacy environment of today is rapidly evolving.  Many privacy teams have been challenged to quickly scale, then execute, with significantly more complicated programs, and deliver to more stakeholders than ever before.  Sentinel has developed an approach to achieve structured, measurable outcomes in a repeatable way – thus enabling privacy professionals to achieve greater throughput with more consistency.  In a business friendly manner.


Would you like to learn more about how we help privacy teams meet the challenge of delivering more with limited resources?   

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