• Karen Howe

Webinar: Working With Privacy Agents

Many privacy laws include provisions for ‘authorized agent representatives’ who assist individuals in exercising their privacy rights. However, few understand how privacy agents work and where they fit in the privacy ecosystem. These agents can help or hinder consumers in governing the use of personal information and can affect processing costs incurred by businesses.

This webinar explores common challenges faced by all stakeholders when agents are included in privacy processes and how processes can be improved by working together. General topics include:

  • What role privacy agents play from a legal perspective

  • How privacy agent services work from the consumer’s point-of-view

  • Challenges faced by consumers and agents exercising CCPA rights

  • Pragmatic guidance for working with privacy agents

Panelists include Ethos Privacy's Grant Barrett. Grant is a Privacy Director who works closely with enterprise clients on privacy strategy, developing business requirements and program design. Grant brings a unique regulatory compliance and enforcement perspective as a former California Superior Court Judge. In addition to a Juris Doctor, Grant holds both CIPP/US and CIPP/E privacy certifications from the IAPP.

Ben Moskowitz is the founding director of the Consumer Reports Digital Lab, leading the non-profit member organization’s digital consumer protection and innovation strategies. The venture is initially funded by a $6 million grant from Craig Newmark Philanthropies, as well as support from Sloan Foundation, Ford Foundation, and Omidyar Network.

Jeff Jockisch served as the webinar's moderator and a data privacy researcher and is the CEO of PrivacyPlan. He focuses on creating and analyzing datasets in the data privacy space. You can find some of his work publicly available at His research has taken him into the world of Data Brokers, the analysis of Privacy legislation, the Privacy Podcasting space, and deep dives into Biometrics, Data Ownership, AI, and Blockchain technology. A Cornell graduate of the Industrial and Labor Relations School in 1986, Jeff is a CIPP/US and is often found on LinkedIn and in Webinars driving privacy discussions.

Craig Erickson, a California Consumer and Data Protection Officer at PrivacyPortfolio, is a trained IT auditor, cybersecurity professional, and project manager. He specializes in data governance, identity management, data protection, and business process integration through electronic message interchanges.

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