• Karen Howe

Tips for Managing Your Company's Privacy Inbox

Corporate inboxes are exploding with individual privacy-related requests and managing both it and expectations is a challenge. GDPR and CCPA are driving the influx and every email is a potential ticking timebomb for businesses. Often requests end up in the wrong inbox and verifying who sent the request is problematic. To add complexity, being compliant with GDPR stipulations does not mean you're compliant with CCPA.

This webinar explored potential solutions for managing your overflowing privacy inbox.

Reasons for considering a managed privacy inbox include:

Risk reduction

Privacy inquires or complaints can go unaddressed for an unreasonable time or are answered incorrectly increasing brand and regulatory risk. A Privacy Inbox Managed Service (PIMS) eliminates instances of unanswered or incorrectly or inconsistently answered privacy inquiries and complaints.​

Staff efficiency

Responding to inquires or complaints on an ad hoc basis consumes inordinate internal and external resources required to generate approved responses.​ Our years of experience in privacy operations has produced common use-cases and response templates to address most communications.​


Responding to inquires or complaints generates a dialog or continuing communication requiring multiple rounds/churn to produce approved responses as the conversation evolves.​ PIMS is designed to produce approved responses with minimum effort and reduce the necessity for a series of communications.​

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