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Privacy Professional

Bellevue, WA

Sentinel provides strategic and professional data privacy consulting services, a world class technology platform which operationalizes privacy programs, and privacy engineering training and consulting to companies of all sizes and market segments.  We are looking for talented, experienced privacy professionals to be a player in our explosive growth.

Privacy Professional Responsibilities Include:


  • Provide analytical support to privacy officers and other privacy program executives.

  • Builds a strategic and comprehensive privacy program that defines, develops, maintains, and implements polices and processes that enable consistent, effective privacy practices which minimize risk and ensure the confidentiality of personal and sensitive information.

  • Ensures all privacy related forms, policies, standards, and procedures are up to date.

  • Works cross-organizationally with upper management to implement program standards and establish governance for the program.

  • Develops, assess, monitors and reports on organizational privacy compliance status.

  • Reviews contracts and agreements, including service contracts and data sharing agreements, translating contractual obligations in to actionable business requirements.

  • Conducts compliance reviews including data classification, privacy impact assessments, and privacy rule compliance.

  • Creates and presents training materials to various audiences.

  • Evokes creative and innovative thinking from team members while helping them to bring their ideas and career plans to fruition.

  • Helps to determine new, creative ways to employ teams on projects and distribute responsibilities.

  • Participates in all programs relating to performance evaluations and career development.

  • Assesses training needs and selects training tools for team members.

  • Reviews the status reports of team members across projects and addresses issues as appropriate.

  • Handles difficult personnel situations directly, using appropriate discretion, HR advice, and respect for the individual.



  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience.

  • 3+ years’ experience working in a privacy program.

  • IAPP certification CIPP/US or comparable.

  • Strong written and oral communication skills.


FLSA - Job Classification: Exempt, Full Time Position.

Department: Internal – Consulting


Privacy Engineer

Bellevue, WA

Sentinel provides strategic and professional data privacy consulting services, a world class technology platform which operationalizes privacy programs, and privacy engineering training and consulting to companies of all sizes and market segments.  We are looking for experienced privacy engineers to help fuel our explosive growth.

Privacy Professional Responsibilities Include:

  • Develop and implement solutions to ensure privacy policies are correctly implemented. The implementations should advance compliance with legal forms of data use as well as support business use of data. Ensure that privacy policies and practices are implemented properly within all stages of the technology lifecycle, across both internal IT processes and customer facing technology.

  • Drive understanding and engineering of compliance and contractual commitments into every technology product and project.

  • Unify emerging technology and Privacy by Design principles throughout all stages of the technology lifecycle.

  • Work with product teams to incorporate privacy requirements into new uses of data.

  • Coordinating the goals and activities of internal privacy program managers, product development teams, legal, compliance, governance and data protection teams.

  • Analyze, design and program software enhancements for new data streams with a goal of developing technical solutions and systems to help mitigate privacy vulnerabilities and prevent potential future privacy risks.

  • Managing the intersection of data privacy, protection, and usability within the data estate of multiple organizations.

  • Works alongside development teams to provide engineering assistance with a focus on integrating privacy best practices into applications and software.

  • Analyze requirements from users to facilitate changes to software, through the lens of privacy and overall compliance.

  • Collaborate with user interface and usability functions to ensure privacy is integrated into the end to end user experience of products and applications.

  • Implement state of the art data protection methods and infrastructure to ensure that customer privacy is maintained at a systemic level.

  • Performs assessment of privacy coverage in a multitude of areas, and identifies and mitigates risk through tool recommendation, facilitated training and consultation with business users.

  • Drive visibility of privacy implementation and impact to key stakeholders.


Knowledge and Skills:

  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.

  • Excellent communication skills (verbal and written).

  • Ability to execute strategically, balancing risks in ambiguous and complex situations.

  • Experience and understanding of software design tools and languages.

  • Understanding of software design lifecycle and principles on multiple platforms.

  • Experience designing and documenting test plans, coding and debug process.

  • Demonstrated experience with development for large datasets.

  • Competent in DevOps plan design, ownership, and implementation in multiple environments and patterns.



  • BS or MS degree in computer science, computer engineering, information systems, privacy engineering (or related field of study) or equivalent experience.

  • CIPT or comparable certification.

  • Strong software engineering background.

  • 3+ years experience in privacy / data protection.


FLSA - Job Classification: Exempt, Full Time Position
Department: Internal – Consulting